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Member Artists

Peggy Bonnington

Hope Brill

Janet Felts

Leah Foote

Bob Greenberg

Daryle  Grenead (President)

Filiz Griffin

Eunice Kern

Jackie Langford

Michell  Lazov

Betty Liles

Sharon Mann (Treasurer)

Gail Meyer

Regina Mick (Vice-President)

Jaime Moore

Shane Moore

Judy Morgan

Jane Olson

Beverly  Parker

Bob Privett

Stephen Schlegel

Scott Sykes

Daniela Thomas

Mark Griggs

Cliff Whittaker

Connie Livingston-Dunn

Mary Hoffpauir

Hilda Waide

Jonathan Campbell

Terry (Doc) Smith


Tori Stutts

Toni Allinder

Brigitta  Dixon

Richard Gildrie

Charles  Hood

Jennifer Ingalls (Secretary)

Jackie Lewis

Allene Phy-Olsen

Ron Sims

Gerald Gilman

Heidi Hopkins