The Downtown Artists Coop proudly announces our 2020 Annual Regional Juried Photography Exhibition Juror.


With special gallery talk; Saturday, 22 February 2020 from 6pm - 8pm at the DAC

Robert McCurley

Personal Projects

The making of Due South


Due South is Robert McCurley's latest personal project. In this presentation, he will review how he approaches personal projects and the key elements necessary to interject real meaning into your work. How do photographers make work that is personal in nature? How do you know when you are done with a project? What is the best way to edit your work? These are just a few of the questions he will cover in this informative presentation.


Artist Statement


Personal artistic development is a journey and the stepping-stones to growth and success (however you define it) are the people, places and things that influence your work. Along the way, some influences are embraced and begin to consistently and positively affect your art; others are rightfully left behind. Eventually, the attributes you want your images to express are apparent. I want my photographs to manifest ambiguity, atmosphere, emotion and/or imperfection. These are the essential elements of interesting photography and the qualities that transport a viewer to a personal connection through their own interpretations, stories and daydreams.



Due South Work Statement


Spend some time in the South and you’ll begin to form a personal impression of the region and its culture, how it looks, how it smells, how it feels, how it makes you feel. Those of us who love the South can’t imagine living anyplace else. Authors and photographers have documented its storied history for decades, the tragedies related to Civil War, the injustices, hatred and violence in the fight for civil rights and the cultural challenges currently faced in a region burdened by unprecedented growth. Although its history cannot be denied nor its landscape freed from progressive change, there’s another side to the South, a side that’s pure, romantic and pictorial, deep-rooted in beauty, tradition, religion and simplicity, a side that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. This is the South I love. This is my South.




Robert McCurley was born and raised in the South and spent most of his life earning a living in corporate America. He supplemented his income with wedding and portrait photography. Today, he is focused solely on personal artistic endeavors. His photographic education includes classes at the former Southeastern Center for the Photographic Arts in Atlanta, GA, workshops with Keith Carter and Magnum photographers David Alan Harvey and Alex Webb as well as countless hours studying the work of influential artists. He is a collector of photographs and photography books. His photographs have been exhibited in a variety of venues and galleries across the U.S. He is a published author of poems and short stories. Robert has served as a juror and curator of photography exhibits and is a founding member of Southlight Salon.

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