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Read me! A guide to ticket purchases - Desktop version. The mobile version will appear similar to the process explained below.
In the mobile version, information will be configured for mobile view. The information; however, is the same.
  • After pressing the PayPal "Purchase Auction Tickets" or the "Donate Auction Tickets" button, the "Order Summary" page will appear (A).
    • Choose the quantity desired (1)
    • Press the "Check out" button (2)
  • "Pay with PayPal" screen appears (B).
    • To pay with debt/credit card choose the gray button (3).
    • To pay via PayPal choose The blue button (4).
  • The "Checkout" screen is next (C-1) & (C).
    • Fill out the required information for payment.
    • Scroll down and uncheck the shipping address option (5-1).
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "pay now" (5).
  • If successful you will get the "processing screen" (D).
    • Once the process is complete, you will get a confirmation page (E).
    • You will also get a confirmation email to the email used in the checkout.
    • There will be a "shipping address". NOTE: We will not ship tickets. Your email confirmation is your ticket.

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